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Jay's fucks Masia

Once again I find myself with a Hot woman of size the ME the chubby chaser can't resist. Masia had heard of me and wanted to find out for herself if I was all that...  Watch as I show her what the Crew member has in store for her... everything but the box of chocolate.

Jay Fucking Amanabel Redd

Now whats hotter than a RedHead... Me I get into a lot of trouble with them. One look at Amanabel you can see that I'm going to have my hands full with her as well as getting in trouble. She is very willing and able to take all of me. Yes she asked to have her face covered with cum.... So I did.

Jay's meeting with Nikki W.

As most of my friends know not only am I a lover of women, but I find women of .... size, arouse my interest the most. Here darling Nikky is over to meet up with me for a afternoon ""MEETING" that turns is into a HOT romp on the couch, ending is a face full of Crew....

Job Interview

Jay sometimes has it easy and them sometimes HARD when it comes to interviewing new MILFs into the adult Biz. Take Jewel here, she is dressed to impress and that she is in it for the long haul..... Jay finds it HARD to be professional and just gives in to her desires to fuck for a living.....

Fortune says... You have a friend

Jays misfortune on the 405 freeway has now turn in to a blessing not only for his sore back but Mirica is gifted in the ways of touch, rub and tug. She maybe short on towels for Jay, but you'll see even though he is quite nervous Mirica finds a way to clam he down. TGFHE (thank god for happy endings)

Jay Business Jerk Off

Before every business meeting most people go through a pre meeting ritual.... some go over their notes, others wear their lucky blue tie or dress. I feel one needs to a have a level calm head, to help with focus. So, I take matters into my own hands... With a few moments before I'm off... I take my large cock out and focus on the out come of my meeting and then all is good. Even my coffee tastes better.

Jay's Orgy

Jay finds his way to a friends house only to find a bevy of BBWs with sex on their minds and only missing some big cock to fill their needs. Jays never one to turn down a good time even with people he doesn't know.

Right place, Right time

Being a door to door salesperson might not be a glamorous occupation with a lot of up side, but being in the right place at the right time does. Jay finds himself at the end of the day with nothing showing for it.... or does he?

Jay fucking Angel DeLuca

ANGEL ANGEL ANGEL, but when I'm looking at her with my cock in her mouth and I'm saying.... you DEVIL DEVIL DEVIL or FUCK FUCK FUCK.... got me I'm always mumbling something or speaking in tongues while having sex with her... and I like it.

Christmas Jay fucks Erica

Erica Lauren is a Hot Dish to have during the Xmas season, she maybe over 50 but she is not over having SEX. we may have been roll playing SANTA but when she sat on my lap... only thing left to do is to see how tight her pussy was and if my big cock could take care of her needs.

Jay fucking Brooke

Brooke Wylde is one Hot young girl... watch her take advantage of poor old ME....though, she got more than what she was expecting and loved it. You got to loved watching or in my case fucking a young girl who just wants sex and doesn't want to stop.

Jay sexy Vanessa Anal

Sexy Vanessa is just that, SEXY ...This latina is always in the mood for hot sex, I love the way she sucks and fucks my cock...and she loves her ASS being taken. So I did. we didn't have time to waste looking for a bed so we did it on the next best thing.

Jay Jerk Off

Can we say J.O.!!! everyone can appreciate a good one from time to time. So I had this friend ask me to give them a show, with little any hesitation I crawled back into bed and starting to play with my cock... funny thing is they kept Sexting while I'm stroking... More of these to CUM

Jay fucking Shayla

Shayla LaVeaux is one of the Hottest Woman in Porn regardless being a MILF...So we hooked up in Vegas and fucked all over that queen size bed. It may have been cold outside but we worked up a good sweat, you know she is sooooo good, I can have sex with her anytime and twice on Sunday.