Jay fucks Masia

Jay fucks Masia Once again I find myself with a Hot woman of size the ME the chubby chaser can't resist. Masia had heard of me and wanted to find out for herself if I was all that...  Watch as I show her what the Crew member has in store for

Job Interview

Job Interview Jay sometimes has it easy and them sometimes HARD when it comes to interviewing new MILFs into the adult Biz. Take Jewel here, she is dressed to impress and that she is in it for the long haul..... Jay finds it HARD to be professional and just gives in

Business Meeting Jerk Off

Business Meeting Jerk Off Before every business meeting most people go through a pre meeting ritual.... some go over their notes, others wear their lucky blue tie or dress. I feel one needs to a have a level calm head, to help with focus. So, I take matters into my own

Jay’s Orgy

Jay's Orgy Jay finds his way to a friends house only to find a bevy of BBWs with sex on their minds and only missing some big cock to fill their needs. Jays never one to turn down a good time even with people he doesn't know. Purchase Video