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Welcome to Jay Crew’s official Website! Here you will be able to find all of his latest content with all kinds of hot and sexy Porn Stars! We will be starting you off with a few vintage scenes from back in 2009, with Jake visiting the beautiful country of Brazil where he finds tons of beautiful women willing to fuck and suck his cock at almost any location! He must fuck his way through Brazil where he goes through tons of pussy and assholes before he gets back home… eventually. Don’t miss out on ANY of his old and new content! Fresh videos will be updated frequently with your desires in mind! Anal, interracial, big tits, small tits, blowjobs and much more! Plenty of content to keep your dick and hand occupied for hours.

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  1. Hello, I saw an amazing video of you fucking a young hot girl. Her name in the video was “Tiffany”, could you tell me where I can buy that full video and what her full name is?

    Thanks !

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